Double-Edged Sword

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The double-edged sword points
to the glorious world
of sovereignty and freedom,
where one can be both
saint and soldier. It breathes the air of a realm
where a dancer is also
a scholar, a mother and a warrior.A living riposte to dichotomy
it refuses to fall
into the worldly trap of either/or!

The two swords signify the spiritual and secular forces influencing the soul. To embrace the khanda is to leave behind fear, guilt and obligation.
Both this world AND next;
Both faith AND science.;
Both inebriation AND sobriety;
Both celebration AND solitude;
Both passion AND sacrifice;
Both miri AND piri.

The double-edged sword (Khanda) symbolizes the ability of truth to cut through the duality of illusion. The circlet represents unity, a sense of being at one with infinity.


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