Creating art is a form of meditation and spiritual dialogue for me. Science informs the artistic spirit and I like to question, explore and employ it as a muse to inspire wonder, and to capture the complexities and mysteries of the invisible. My purpose is to create reflective works of art that engage the soul; yours and mine. The intention is to celebrate, to share the joy of this glorious adventure, to inspire and be inspired.

Reflective Mantra Art

Paintings by Juss Kaur that reflect on the particle nature of Creation.


I saw a YouTube clip on your work and I am truly intrigued with your thoughts and focus on divinity. I am interested in adding some to my collection.

Kavelle Bajaj

Vadayiaaan!! Elegant – Dhan Guru Nanak.


You are truly an inspiration. I wish to expand and use my words, my gift, to inspire others. Thanks for illumining the way, by your beautiful example. 💖

Gigi Kaur

I am really awestruck by your Waheguru mantra paintings, they are so inspiring and I also really want to do something like this, can you guide me somewhat…with Nanak love.


Truly inspired and inspirational!

Bindu Anand

Beautiful work!!! Your work truly embodies the amazing inspiration that you are!!! LOVE IT!!

Amar & Parm

Mesmerizing, philosophical – stirs your very being.

Ethereal. Unbelievable. Love it.

Vimmy Ojha

Waheguru jio, baksheesh is surely upon you ji.


Awesome and inspirational – a true feel of devotion!


You are blessed with such a talent. May God bless you with more strength.

Harwinder Dial

Great work! Very inspiring!

Morgan & Sonam

Dhan Guru Nanak!
It is blessing to see your work. We were all amazed and touched by this piece of Art.

Sarveen Singh

Beautiful! Isn’t it amazing when we stop to listen, what emerges as the voice of the soul!
One begins to see, think, feel, and live completely in the Divine. You perform your worldly duties, but you find your solace and your joy in the Mother/Father of the Universe. I am so often overwhelmed by my feelings of gratitude and love that the tears of joy overflow from my heart and an amazing sense of peace envelopes me. The knowledge that all is as it was meant to be results in complete surrender and faith that all that has happened has been the fulfillment of a Divine destiny.

Bela Tak

Unbelievable work. Very impressive and touching. God bless you.

Tejvir Singh

This is a stunning picture; the butterfly is very symbolic for my family. I absolutely love the meaning behind it.

Kirandeep Jaswal

Wow! Such lovely paintings and reflective mantra art on Waheguru. I’m so inspired and in love with your artwork. I’m not able to choose the one I want to purchase since all of them are so beautiful. Lots of Nanak love,

Neha Ahuja

Your work is inspiring, beautiful and soul-stirring. Dhan Guru Nanak!! ❤️

Jassi & Shalu

Thank you for sharing your life’s events. You are always an inspiration for youngsters like us. DHAN GURU NANAK.

Puneet Avon

And so the powers of kindness and humanity usurp the shackles of the specious institutions that profess their safe harbour…offering redemption through guilt for spurious transgressions. The collective unconsciousness becomes empowered. This beautiful piece of art is an exciting representation of such entanglements, complete with revelations of imperfection, but also a demonstration of the infinite internal lemniscate, and our ability to embrace all possible representations, because they are all hewn from identical cores; us! Thank you for the introduction Naveena!

David Cocklin

Your work is inspiring and exquisite – so beautiful! I am moved:)

Mandy Salter

Outstanding; beautiful work.

Madhu Chhibben

I am from Khalsa Community and this picture is very cool. It express the way your emotions flow.

Ranjot Singh Sandhu

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your adventures! Your life is full and overflowing with creativity, compassion and love! I find you an inspiration in so many ways and I strive to attain the peace and joy that you have achieved in your life and in your dealings with other members of our species!
Love your soul.

Gini Robertson

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh.
This is blessing of Waheguru sachhe patshah itself.
I just love this.

Manpreet Kaur

I came across your paintings on the internet and thought they were amazing. I fell in love with your work, and the ones with Waheguru written touched my heart deeply.

Preet Pooni